What different teaching - learning methods are used?
Academicians at SHREE carefully draft the lesson plans, Assignment/homework and also unit test schedules and are executed under the supervision of HODs. Both the programs B Tech &MBA use a blend of pre reading assignments, lectures, seminars as classroom inputs.

Is there a practical approach or do students need to just study and write the exams?
Unlike many other colleges, we follow a clear practical approach. Students enjoy doing all their practical experiments in the labs under the supervision of faculty /lab instructors and also maintain lab records. Practical Training is also provided to the students on Communication skills and Attitudinal or behavioralskills. Students also go on industrial visits, observe things practically and submit the reports.

Does the institute also conduct the technical training and enable the students do their projects inside the campus?
Yes. Wetake great care in conducting technical training, helping the students do their projects and mini projects inside the campus. The teams, a combination of both in-house as well as experts from industry regularly help the students develop their skills and perform better in teams. Well-equipped labs, equipment, training rooms and seminar halls are available for the students.

Are students being mentored and coached continuously?
Yes. A team of mentors under the guidance of the chief mentor adopt the students, and coach them towards success. They understand the problems of the students and suggest suitable plan of action and help them academically, technically and emotionally.

How does SHREE take care of slow learners?
Innovative methods are developed to take care of slow learners. Under this method, the problems of slow learners are assessed and special tutorials are conducted for such students. Students also get a chance for learning and revising lessons in groups.

Are there any placement opportunities for B Tech/MBA students?
A dedicated team of professionals regularly provide placement training on technical aspects, aptitude, reasoning and communication Skills throughout the course. Specially designed training rooms are available for conducting group discussions, case studies, presentations, and developing interview skills. Relentless efforts are made to develop the network with industry and placement is assured to all deserving students.

I don't have good language skills and Communication Skills. Can I improve these skills quickly?
Yes, one can learn and/or improve language skills and communication skills very easily at the institute. The institution has a team of experts, labs and specially designed programs to develop these skills. If students are serious, we give 100% guarantee in helping the students acquiring communication skills.

I am good at studies but I don't have leadership skills. Can I improve such skills?
Yes. At SHREE, students are given group tasks right from the first day to cultivate the habit of team spirit and to encourage competition among the groups. All the activities in student associations, events, training sessions, projects and mini projects involve a lot of team work and provide opportunities for improving the leadership and organizational skills.