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Cultural and literary Association
In order to foster students’ innate talents the literary and cultural Association of SHREE conducts events like Essay writing, general quiz, dumb charades, Elocution, Mimicry, Volte-face, Extempore, Singing, Dance, Debate, Skit etc. These are great opportunities for the students to show their skills, and display their leadership qualities.

The institution has an NSS unit, which establishes a meaningful linkage between the campus and community. Activities such as Blood donation, Tree Plantation, campus cleaning, collection of donations for the people affected in disaster, health and technical education to rural communities, rallies for communal harmony and concept awareness as well as some general socio environmental activities are undertaken by the students.

Physical Education
Physical Education classes are an integral part of our college education. We have separate grounds and courts where activities and practice sessions are conducted. The selected players represent college in various competitions.


State of the art gym is provided to Shree students to improve physical fitness and prepare for tournaments. Facilities include tread mills, weights, etc.


Cricket ground and practice nets are provided with in the campus for regular practice and hosting tournaments. Shree students enjoy attending the tournaments and cheering for their favourite teams and players.