Stimulating Teaching-Learning Environment

Excellent academic environment, state of the art infrastructure, close interaction among faculty, staff and student makes “SHREE” unique and totally different from others.

Unique Learning Methodology

A series of modern learning and teaching methods are used at SHREE. The students participate in all the activities actively and enjoy every moment of classroom session.


The SHREE-B.Tech/M.B.A. uses a blend of pre reading assignments, lectures, case studies, presentations, field assignments, projects, personality development workshops, IT training, communication skills and life skills training programmes, group discussions and Quizzes.


Practical Approach

Students who pursue programs like B.Tech/M.B.A. need to acquire the technical skills and master the tools and managerial practices. To ensure this SHREE adopts a practical approach which ensures that the students will complete all the courses with a solid foundation and also apply the concepts practically.


Collaboration with Companies

SHREE derives its strength by collaborating with some of the leading companies in India. Several experts deliver guest lectures and conduct workshops regularly. The advisory board includes many eminent industrialists, engineers and senior managers.


Mentoring and Constant Appraisal

SHREE adopts integrated counseling method where in each student’s multiple competencies and employable skills are continuously assessed by the training officer and subject experts together. Under this concept, each student is allotted to a mentor (a faculty member of SHREE) who helps him/her academically, technically and emotionally to their success.


Placement Training

SHREE has a dedicated team of professionals who provide placement training throughout the course. To augment the in house training SHREE also provides excellent technical training with the help of external trainers.


Some of the modern methods like Debates, Group Discussions, presentations, Case studies, Simulations and Business Games that SHREE uses make the classes very interesting and totally activity oriented.


Stimulating Lectures

To make the learning process easier and interesting, SHREE follows modern teaching methods and tools. The lecturers make use of LCD Projectors, Audio and Video facilities and Hand cameras. Visuals and simulations through such modern teaching aids make the lectures very exciting and lead to better understanding of the concepts and their applications.



B.Tech Students are required to work practically in the campus and do mini projects as well as major projects. These helps them gain practical knowledge and provide scope for developing creativity and apply their skills. SHREE enables all its students complete the projects and acquire the skills with the help of project experts.


Summer Internship

M.B.A. Students are required to work practically in reputed companies for eight to ten weeks. The internship helps them gain practical knowledge, develop professional attitude and competencies.


Team Work

At SHREE, students are given group tasks right from the first day to cultivate the habit of team spirit and to encourage competition among the groups. There is a lot of scope for an individual member to share his/her innovative ideas with others and also get help from other members.